Do I Need A Booster Pump ?

Pressure Problems...
  • House water pressure dips when multiple sources are on, dishwasher, toilets flushing, or shower .
  • Shortens time to wash shampoo or conditioner out of your hair, saving water.
  • Shortens time it takes to get hot water to sinks, showers and tubs, saving water.
  • Low water pressure to wash your vehicles, saving time.
  • Shortens time to fill clothes washing machines, saving time & energy.
  • Toilets take a long time to fill.
  • Dishwashers clean better. The added pressure will help the dishwashers internal pump.

Why Does It cost more ?

Pay Now Or Pay More Later...
  • When manufactures build a product they have to decide what market they are to service.
  • There are two ways to go, cheap and hope the product lasts through the  warranty or  quality.
  • TAW understands there are cheaper products out there.
  • They are made of consumer grade parts, plastic, open to the air and easily destroyed with insects, salt air, sun, heat and cold.
  • Perfect Pressure Pump is built to last.
  • Many manufacturers put lower quality products out in the hopes it will last the warranty period.
  • NOT so with TAW, we use no plastic and the highest quality products to insure your satisfaction.

What Justifies The Extra Cost ?

Innovation Like No Other...
  • Predictive PID reduces overshoot and allows for varying rate of water pressure based on demand. No Bladder Tank!
  • The pump ramps up the pressure when demand is needed. The pump will not continue to “hunt” around set point if there is no water demand in the home. Longer Lasting Fixtures!
  • The pressure will simply fall to supply pressure when no water is needed . Lower Power Bills!
  • Low water demands will not make the pump come on. The pump knows when water is needed. Lower Water Bills!
  • No programming needed. Simply turn the PSI knob CW while watching the pressure gauge and set it to the pressure needed. User Friendly!
  • Our software prevents pump cycling.  Longer Life!
  • Revolutionary design puts Perfect Pressure Pump above all others. Peace of Mind!
  • Product is upgradeable without the need of a PC . Future Proof!
  • You are able to lower the pressure when on a well and boost it at the home. Longer Well Pump Life!

Does it Work On Wells & City Water ?

Designed To Be Versatile...
  • Designed to boost well pressure to be used in the home, irrigation, solar panels, etc.

  • Will work with pressures from 10 PSI through 50 PSI. If you pressure is much above 50PSI, question whether you need a booster.

  • The boost pressure can be set from 0 PSI to 75 PSI (40 PSI max boost above the incoming pressure).

  • Most well pumps are set from 50-70 PSI, this puts added strain on the well pump, shortening its life.
  • With our pump you can reduce your well pressure, prolonging your well pumps life.

  • City pressure is often reduced when a city out builds its pipes or corrosion over time reduces the inside pipe diameter.
  • Our pump will bring back the pressure lost due to these conditions.

What Is Your Warranty ?

Better Made, Longer Warranty...
  • We are highly confident that the products Total Automation Works develops are of the highest quality.
  • Perfect Pressure Pump is built to last many years. 
  • It is for this reason we give Perfect Pressure Pump a full 3 year warranty. And it will likely last many more years past that!
  • We have torture tested our units, baked them in the Florida sun. Forced them to dead head and heat up the water so hot that it melted PVC pipe. The seals survived temperatures exceeding boiling for 4 hours. No other booster on the planet will be as trouble free and we stand by that claim.

Where Do I buy it ?

Distributors, Plumbers Or Direct...
  • TAW is always looking for qualified distributors, wholesalers, reps and professional plumbers to sell & install.
  • When we have no distributor in your area, you can purchase direct from us. 
  • If you are in Florida, we can recommend a plumber to install the product if you do not have one.
  • You can elect to install it yourself but please take time to read the manual on the media page.
  • Feel free to contact us anytime.

What If I Am Not Satisfied ?

Money Back Guarantee...
  • Within the first 30 days of purchase, you have an opportunity to return the pump.
  • If for any reason you do not want to keep the pump. Package it up in its original packaging and call for an RMA.
  • We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the reason for the return and if possible make it right, but the ultimate decision to return it is yours.
  • After inspection of the returned pump and warranty verified, 100% of your purchase price will be refunded minus the shipping costs.