At TAW we have over 40 years experience is developing, selling and applying varible speed drives (VFD’s). Most competitors simply purchase an off the shelf VFD and “shoe horn” the drive into their application or product. Not so with P3. P3 now incorporates a unique PWM shaping algorithm that reduces the pump noise by 6 db (nearly 1/4 the noise level), down to 69 db from 74 at one meter.

Our drive algorithms are created by us, we do not simply purchase a drive designed for general operations, slap it on our product and live with the compromised results. When we see need for improvement we design it into our drive.

At TAW, we never compromise performance, reliability or the ultimate in energy and water savings.

Our promise to our customers, we will never stop innovating and never stop pursuing perfection.

This update is free to all customers, contact TAW for details.