Cavitation protection is nothing new and many competitors simply shut the pump down when it occurs. Others do nothing allowing the pump to self destruct.

Cavitation happens when the water supply can not keep up with demand. The pump can only boost water pressure, not produce water. If your water demand exceeds your supply,  you could starve the pump and cause this problem.

While many of our competitors will shut down the pump when this occurs, our systems are much smarter. We will automatically reduce  pressure set point until the water supply can keep up with demand. It will keep this set point until the demand goes away, automatically raising the set point back to the original pressure!

This is a DRAMATIC improvement to simply shutting down the pump.

A cavitating pump sounds like a pop corn maker and the sound you are hearing is little micro explosions as the water gets vaporized on the suction side (inlet) of the pump. This vapor is carried over to the discharge side (outlet) of the pump, where it no longer sees vacuum and is compressed back into a liquid by the discharge pressure. These explosions will “pit” the pumps impeller and eventually destroy it.

At TAW we are constantly improving our technology, it’s our promise to you that you will not find a more advanced pump on the planet.