TAW’s Commercial quality P3 pumps are designed for fast food and small commercial buildings. It features extensive algorithms to prevent damage to the pump.

  • The pump carries a 3 year warranty and includes a output pressure gauge.

    Algorithms include:
  • Low Flow – Without the need of a suction guage the pump know when there is insufficient flow or demand, shutting down within 20 seconds. This prevents the pump from dead heading and becoming hot due to insufficient water flow. This is the reason our seals last typically twice as long as our competitors. No heat means longer life for the pump, seals, motor & drive.

  • Electronic Bladder tank – Without the need of a high maintenance and bulky bladder tank, the pump monitors both rate of pressure drop and actual pressure. Unlike competitors that just cycle on based on pressure deviation the P3 can determine true demand from a slow leak and not cycle until you reach a minimum pressure. Once the adjustable min. pressure is reach the pump will pump back to setpoint and shut off. This prevents cycling and longer times to get to setpoint eliminating the need of a bladder tank.

  • Low noise – This algorithm keeps the PWM of the VFD at 24Khz. Above the ear sensitivity so the pump does not sound like a bee hive as most competitors. Since a pump loafs 80% of the time when the heat sink temperature is below 40 degrees C the transistor switching frequency keeps the motor silent. If the Heat sink temp rises above 40 degrees C the frequency drops until the heat sink temperature levels off. Once the load decreases the switching frequency raises back to 24 Khz..

  • ANTI Cavitation – The pump knows when the pump is cavitating and automatically lowers the set point pressure until the cavitation stops. If the pressure reaches the minimum frequency the pump will turn off and display water problem to prevent pump damage.

  • Exercise algorithm runs the pump slowly every 24 hours if idle to keep everything lubricated enhancing seal life.

  • Pipe break will shut the pump down as the ANTI cavitation algorithm does.

  • Sensor fail will show if the transducer fails.

  • Predictive PID gives the pump a true square wave response. This allows the pump to get to 95% of the setpoint pressure with a 50 PSI differential in 1.6 seconds. It does this with no over shoot. Once the pressure and setpoint are equal the gain goes to zero preventing hunting a pipes from shaking hangers. As soon as the pressure deviates from setpoint the gains automatically adjust & respond quickly without overshoot.

  • Easy setpoint adjustment with a twist of a knob. No programming or secret PIN numbers needed.

  • Max pressure limit prevents a user from over pressurizing the building.

  • Extensive monitoring of over 80 parameters from phase current to run time to line voltage to heat sink temperature and fault history among many others.

  • Available in 230 volt single and three phase or 480v. 2hp, 3hp, 5 hp, 7.5 hp & 10hp versions available.