This skid was installed in a 24/7 laundromat .
The problem – too low a water pressure when more than 4 machines were running.
The solution – Install our duplex pump skid to maintain pressure up to 160GPM pulling  out of a 200 gallon tank. Now all 22 machines can run at full 60 PSI.
Machines fill faster and wash better. The customer expect ROI to be under 1 year with being able to handle more people during peak operating hours.
The owner runs several laundromats, more on order as we write this article.

Our unique design using swivel in/outs, CPVC piping to keep it light and compact unistrut frame made for a sturdy, compact skid that took up only up a 30″ cube. No other design is as compact or light. As shown, the skid took up no floor space, only the 200 gallon tank took up valuable room.