There are two kinds of manufacturers in the world today. Sales companies and engineering companies.

TAW is an engineering company with over 40 years motor control/pump experience and as such, we strive for perfection. 

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1) Predictive PID. When I first started developing PID algorithms back in 1978 on a Modicon PLC, there were no PID function blocks. VFDs did not have PIDs built in.
I did not know it at the time, but this was a great thing. It forced me to understand PID loops and improve them over conventional theories.
Enter “Predictive PID”…

TAWs PID operates totally different than conventional PIDs, without explaining our exclusive and secret IP, our PID does not wait to react based on a setpoint.
Other  PID algorithms are always a compromise between steady state stability and fast response to demand changes. Most of our competitors do not even use the “D” component of PID, an essential part of fast response. At setpoint, the pressure is perfect and steady. No needle movement on the gauge.

TAWs PID can actually determine the speed the pump must run to maintain a setpoint. It reacts to any change in demand,  makes setpoint within 2 seconds with NO overshoot, no ring, no sluggishness. It’s fast, accurate and there is nothing like it in any booster before.

2) No Flow algorithm.
Our “no flow” algorithm determines flow down to 0.2GPM. It is not fooled by changing suction or head pressure. It is accurate and fast responding. Within 15 seconds of no flow, the pump turns off, never heating the pump, not even 5 degrees. We do not need a flow sensor, a temperature sensor or even a suction transducer.

3) Anti-Cavitation algorithm.
This unique algorithm determines if the pump can keep up with demand. If it can not, if a second pump is available it will first turn that on, if demand is still not met our algorithm will adjust the setpoint pressure until the pump stops cavitating or it will turn it totally off in situations such as a pipe break.

4) Pump curve extension algorithm.
TAWs pumps are not limited to 60 Hz. If you running to the left of the curve we will allow the pump to provide more head. This saves many applications where suction pressure is under estimated.

5) Smart BUMPLESS pump alternation.
Our pumps alternate every time both pumps turn off. If demand is constant not allowing a pump to turn off in 24 hours, the standby pump is brought on line with no loss of pressure. Once the new pump has reached pressure, the pump that had run for 24 hours is stopped.

6) Exercise algorithm.
Allows any pump that has not run for 24 hours to turn on at a slow speed for 5 seconds. 

7) Suction loss protection.
If the suction is lost, the pump will shut down preventing dry running any pump.

8) Over load protection.
It is impossible to burn out a TAW pump motor due to running a pump off its curve.

We modulate our motor current to FLA or less.

9) Heat compensated PWM.
We run our pumps at 16khz making them the quietest on the market. If the drive gets above 40 degrees C, this PWM frequency (carrier) is reduced to allow the drive to run more efficiently. It will automatically modulate the  carrier frequency based on drive heat sink temperature.This give you the best of both worlds a quiet motor and an efficient VFD.

Still not convinced?

10) Smallest footprint on the market. 3 ft cube up to 10 HP duplex.
11) Quietest & smoothest on the market (69 db @ 1 meter) with no isolation springs needed .
12) Simple to operate. No programming, no rotating protection codes, no keypad to fiddle with, simply turn up the pressure knob and you are done.
13) Simple design. No PLC, no HMI, no control cabinet, no filters to maintain, no fans to fail, no external power supply. Two washdown VFDs and we are done.
14) Total redundancy. Unlike competitors that call using one transducer redundant we use two transducers, one for each drive.
15) OLED Display technology. TAWs drives feature large infinite contrast ratio OLED displays making them viewable in direct sunlight.
16) All Aluminum frame. While most competitors use painted steel or stainless steel, TAW uses a superior clear anodized aluminum Frame.
Weighing only 9 lbs., it can hold 500 lbs with no deflection. No corrosion regardless of environment, including chlorine and salt air.