Total Automation Works, LLC is an Orlando based automation company that specializes in developing new technologies for various industries.

 The owner is a 4 patent holder electrical engineer and inventor that has developed products many consumers have  used.

One of these patents started what is now known as Red Box Video. Back in 1989, it was called Video Express. Started in southern California, the system employed two machines housed in a kiosk. Employing VHS tapes at the time, it was a first of its kind. After 18 franchses were sold and installed coast to coast, we sold the company and moved on to other projects. The picture at the right was taken in 1989.

In 1997 we brought to market a unique video processor that won three prestigious product of the year awards from Electronic House, Home Theater and SGHT magazines.

This product went on to change the way people viewed standard definition video and rivaled and many times surpassed the picture performance of “High Definition” known today.

In addition to this video processor, we also invented the first digital DVD player incorporating SDI technology long before HDMI was invented. The DigiLink DVD player produced an  uncompressed digital picture that no DVD on the market could compete with.

Total Automation works has designed hundreds of machines, HVAC controls and inventions in a multitude of industries over the past four decades.

We have consulted and integrated lift stations, cement plants, food processing plants, textile plants, automobile plants and many more industries.

The projects shown on the right are just a fraction of the successful projects and inventions.

We have designed water systems for the most prestigous buildings in the country.

Municipalities all over Florida contract us as consultants to help them with their Variable Speed Drives.

So when you purchase a product from us, you can rest assured it comes with years of experience of know-how and “thinking out of the box” innovation that has allowed us to engineer ideas into reality for the past 40+ years.

Inventing has always been our passion. We stand behind what we sell and get personally involved with every customers question or concern. 

What we love to do and we do it better than most. Invent better ways of solving a problem.
My advice to anyone that wants to really enjoy life…
Find your passion, put your energy into it and then go out and shake up an industry!