Although the pump, motor and drive are rugged, having the sun beat down on them all day is not opportune.

In instances where the pump can not be oriented in the shade, we developed this “Sun Shade”.

The sun shade is made from 1/16″ thick aluminum sheet metal.

The kit comes complete with hardware to mount  4) 4mm x 45mm screws to the VFD threaded holes that typically hold the cover on. Simply remove the stock screws that hold the cover and replace them with the longer screws that mount through 1″ stand offs and sandwich the shade 1″ above the drive. Tighten down so the cover maintains its water tight seal.

This provides shade when the pump must be placed in sunny areas.

The Sun Shield sheet comes flat but any of the 4 sides can be bent downward to optimize the shade effect depending on the suns orientation in relation to the pump. The photos show the two 18″ sides being bent down to optimize the shade in this pumps setting. You can also paint the sheet any light color of choice.

Be careful to observe this plate will get hot when exposed to the sun. Take caution when touching the plate heated by the sun to prevent being burned.